The First Thanksgiving

by gabbybates

Since Andrew couldn’t go back to sweet home Alabama for the traditional family Thanksgiving, we had our own little version here in Ballard. And I got to cook it, which means I got to design a menu that incorporates all my favorite foods (Yay!) I also learned some things. For example, turkey brining= a lot messier than anticipated. But worth it, in the end. (Maybe. You’ll have to ask Andrew.)


Rosemary Satsuma Sidecar

Honey Garlic Brined Turkey Breast

Celery Root Parsnip Mash

Roasted Brussels with Turkey Bacon

Brandy Maple Cranberry Relish

Sweet Potato Apple Cakes

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It’s a good thing this meal was so good because we’ll probably be eating leftovers for years to come. Thanksgiving food was not designed for just two people. Speaking of which, Andrew and I are going to play some pick up basketball so we can come back, watch the Steelers’ game, and eat some more…

Until next time,